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Unit Lists, Abilities, and Stats


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Hello, I'm working through the tutorial part of the campaign and really enjoying it. I am a veteran of RTS games, going back to Warcraft 1 (I just dated myself), and have played the entire Company of Heroes franchise. I like the gameplay similarities and the medieval theme, especially the Templars.

I find myself wanting a reference where I can view the unit types, their abilities, and stats besides mousing over them in-game. Unfortunately, I could not find any such reference, but it could just be me. Does one exist, and if so, can you point me to its location?

Many thanks for the new RTS and much success with it.

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  • THQ Nordic

In the SP campaign you can see the description of all your mercenary squads in the troop selection screen. The detailed stats are only shown on mouseover as they can change significantly depending on the situation.

In MP PvP you can cycle through the units in the hero selection screen, where it gives you an overview over all troop types and their abilities. 

I hope that answers the question 🙂


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